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Professor Robert Laumbach

Center for Environmental Exposure and Disease, Rutgers

Jeffrey Tittel

Senior Director, Sierra Club

"Air pollution is an external cost..."

"Explore, enjoy and protect the planet."

Professor David Robinson

State Climatologist, Rutgers

"Understanding, mitigation, and advocation is key."

Professor  Michael Kulik

Earth and Environmental Sciences, UPenn

Lecturer Jay Racela

Center for Environmental Science, Williams College

"third hand smoke...vapor absorbed by furnishings emits for up to six months"

"Limiting the amount of fossil fuel usage ... is the first step"

Professor Xi Chen

School of Public Health,


"air pollution affects every dimension of human capital"

Angela Tin

Senior National Director,

American Lung Association

"over 70% of air pollution is from mobile transportation"

Professor Celia Y. Chen

Director, Superfund Research Program, Dartmouth

"reduce energy consumption and stay aware of environmental regulations"

Alex Fried, Founder,

Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)

"air a byproduct of our linear consumption economy"

Moses Lam

CEO, Vitality Air

Alberta, Canada

"Enhancing Vitality — One Breath At A Time"

Dr. Sandra Curtis, Director of Innovative Projects, Plastic Pollution Coalition

""when plastic is burned, it releases dioxins into the air"

Alex Lola

Social Organizer


"air pollution...there's so much and we continue to pollute..."

Russell Zerbo


Clean Air Council

Joanne Newbury

King's College London

Prof. Kabindra Shakya

Geography & Environment

Villanova University

"The wide range of ways... to make a difference."

"Psychotic experiences are significantly more common... to those exposed to pollutants."

"Particulate pollution in developing countries is very alarming..."

Beth Gardiner 

Journalist and Author of Choked: Life and Breath in the Age of Air Pollution

Dr. Brandy Beverly 

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Dr. Charles Driscoll

Professor of Environmental Systems

Syracuse University 

"The biggest way to solve this problem is to vote for candidates who are taking action..."

"We have to evaluate what we do on a daily basis to reduce our pollution footprint..."

"Right now... there are reports all over the world with great improvements in air quality..."

Professor Venkatramani Balaji

Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton

Professor Arlene Fiore

Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Columbia

Professor  Irina Marinov

Earth and Environmental Sciences, UPenn

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Professor Michelle Bell

Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale

Dr. Vaishali Naik

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association

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